Metabolic Steady State – Inside vs Outside

A few weeks ago I performed a series of steady-state submaximal 30min intervals, looking at VO2 & ventilaton with the VO2 Master Pro and muscle oxygenation (SmO2) with Moxy. The first trial was inside on the trainer, followed a few days later by the second trial outside on the road. The purpose was to observe … Continue reading Metabolic Steady State – Inside vs Outside

Deriving Power from VO2 and VO2 from Power

The charts we looked at last week have some 'hidden' interesting features that I want to go into more detail on. This will get into mathematical derivations of metabolic equations, estimating Gross Efficiency, fuel utilization between fatty acids & glucose, and aerobic & anaerobic contribution to power output. This might get complicated, but it will … Continue reading Deriving Power from VO2 and VO2 from Power

More Comparisons for Hard-Start VO2max

I wanted to share a quick visual comparison of another athlete trying the Hard-Start VO2max workout. This might be helpful for comparing your own data in Strava and dialing in your individualized workout targets. The athlete wasn't sure of his precise power targets, so he plugged in something reasonable and gave it a go. After … Continue reading More Comparisons for Hard-Start VO2max