Investigating Power Asymmetry using Pedaling Metrics

I've been using a 4iiii Precision Pro dual-sided power meter for the past two seasons. Having a dual-sided power meter has been critical for me, as I have a chronic injury which results in a significant Left/Right power asymmetry. A single-sided power meter that just doubles Left leg power (my weak side) would give me … Continue reading Investigating Power Asymmetry using Pedaling Metrics

Update to ‘Prescribing VO2max’

My last post left off with a novel workout protocol for optimizing VO2max training, according to my synthesis of the literature and personal experimentation at the time. I was blown away by the amount of engagement and discussion generated by the post. The discussion helped me expand my own understanding, challenged my assumptions, and of … Continue reading Update to ‘Prescribing VO2max’