Thresholds, Constructs, and Confidence Intervals

We recently published an article comparing the NIRS-derived deoxy-BP to the RCP (VT2) in a ramp cycling test. I want to use this and another similar study to understand the important differences between threshold measurements, the natural variability in measuring physiology, and how understanding this variability can help us prescribe training targets that will elicit the desired training stimulus for ourselves and our athletes.

Investigating Power Asymmetry using Pedaling Metrics

I've been using a 4iiii Precision Pro dual-sided power meter for the past two seasons. Having a dual-sided power meter has been critical for me, as I have a chronic injury which results in a significant Left/Right power asymmetry. A single-sided power meter that just doubles Left leg power (my weak side) would give me … Continue reading Investigating Power Asymmetry using Pedaling Metrics

Update to ‘Prescribing VO2max’

My last post left off with a novel workout protocol for optimizing VO2max training, according to my synthesis of the literature and personal experimentation at the time. I was blown away by the amount of engagement and discussion generated by the post. The discussion helped me expand my own understanding, challenged my assumptions, and of … Continue reading Update to ‘Prescribing VO2max’