Muscle Oxygenation Response Profiles during 5-1 Cycling Assessment

Oxygenation Response Profiles represent the SmO2 trend as a function of progressive exercise intensity measured at the vastus lateralis. Two general profiles have been observed that may reveal some so-far unexplained, but apparently systematic physiological variance between subjects of differing fitness and muscle tissue typology. Unexplained variation means we still have something to learn about human physiological response to exercise.

Evaluating the Relationships between Muscle Oxygenation, Ventilation, and Lactate Thresholds

The next generation approach to metabolic profiling and training prescription will almost certainly not include breakpoints or thresholds at all, and will use more flexible methods of describing continuous physiological response profiles in real-time. I think that by defining the rules which our brains are already using to find patterns, we will be able to better understand the real physiological relationships for an individual athlete, and improve how we can apply insights to that individual athlete's training.