Thresholds, Constructs, and Confidence Intervals

We recently published an article comparing the NIRS-derived deoxy-BP to the RCP (VT2) in a ramp cycling test. I want to use this and another similar study to understand the important differences between threshold measurements, the natural variability in measuring physiology, and how understanding this variability can help us prescribe training targets that will elicit the desired training stimulus for ourselves and our athletes.

Evaluating the Relationships between Muscle Oxygenation, Ventilation, and Lactate Thresholds

The next generation approach to metabolic profiling and training prescription will almost certainly not include breakpoints or thresholds at all, and will use more flexible methods of describing continuous physiological response profiles in real-time. I think that by defining the rules which our brains are already using to find patterns, we will be able to better understand the real physiological relationships for an individual athlete, and improve how we can apply insights to that individual athlete's training.

VO2 Master Pro & Moxy – Revealing Metabolic Limitation – Part 2

Let's continue looking at the Sprint Interval Training workout from Part 1. Using the VO2 Master Pro wearable VO2 analyzer and Moxy muscle oxygen monitors together to measure systemic oxygen consumption (VO2), and local muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2). Sprint Interval Training - Complete Recovery Intervals We left off with the suggestion that O2 delivery to working muscle was limiting the rate of … Continue reading VO2 Master Pro & Moxy – Revealing Metabolic Limitation – Part 2